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About Us


Clay Realty Company was formally established during the early days of the 2020 pandemic. Years of property management and brokerage experience got together and launched itself into the marketplace under the CRC banner.

The primary benefit of working with Clay Realty Company is we offer property acquisition services and property management services under the same roof. We don’t say things like “if you buy this property, a good property manager can bring you this return.” We say things like “based on our underwriting of this property and this particular purchase price, our management team can bring you a minimum return of this amount, with a high likelihood of returning this amount if things go well.”

The key is to not silo the broker and the property manager. These two parties are integral to your real estate investing success. The broker must include the property manager in the acquisition process to ensure the expected returns can be achieved without cutting corners. The property manager must include the broker in the management process to maximize the value of the asset at any given time so it can be sold for the highest possible profit. The broker and the manager are both members of your real estate investing team and they must work together for the team to be successful.

The investment experience includes:

  1. Identification of investor goals and funds available including financing options
  2. Identification of potential purchase property
  3. Formation of immediate and long term strategy upon acquisition, along with return projections from each stage of holding
  4. Acquisition of property
  5. Onboarding of property and management commencement
  6. Ongoing management to maximize profits in alignment with ownership’s goals -management includes make ready, leasing, resident management and rent collection, ongoing preventative maintenance, tenant requested maintenance, all the while keeping ownership informed of all developments with the property and its income streams
  7. Disposition of the property in a manner that maximizes profits and tax burden

We can help with any or some of these steps along the way in your investment journey whether this is your first dip in the pool or you’ve been swimming in the deep end for years.

Principle Bio

Langdon Clay, unbeknownst to him at the time, began his real estate journey at 6am on a hot day in June the summer before starting high school. His father woke him up from his slumber abruptly that morning. Langdon was 14 and it was time for him to start pulling his weight in the family’s small rental business. The bed of his Dad’s old Ford pickup was loaded with cleaning supplies. Langdon was absolutely fuming as the truck rumbled across Raleigh: down Hillsborough St, then Clark Ave, past the Rose Garden, before stopping in front of the 80’s style duplex on Bedford. Unit A was vacant, new residents were moving in the next day, and someone had to clean the place. “I’ll drop off lunch at 11am and pick you up for the day at 3pm. Don’t cut corners. You aren’t cleaning your room. It has to be perfectly clean for the new residents.” With that Langdon’s dad drove away, leaving him standing in the front yard surrounded by cleaning products.
It was a terrible day, but the house ended up clean, and passed his father’s inspection at the end of the day. In retrospect, that was an extremely valuable lesson in one of the essential parts of property management. Langdon had to call his father to relay his lunch order because this was way back when text messages cost $.15 and he couldn’t afford those sky high prices.
A graduate of Broughton High School in Raleigh, NC and a lifelong resident of the Triangle, Langdon graduated from UNC Greensboro which is where he learned: 1) the only thing he wanted to do was work for a company with his name on the door, 2) that he was going to skip the corporate world and go straight into the world of reinvestment/brokerage, and 3) that he was going to set up shop in the state that he’s always loved so much.

Langdon is one of the youngest brokerage principles around, but spending time with him makes it clear that age matters very little if the desire is there. Over the years, Langdon has built an invaluable network of advisors, contractors, and professionals that can be leveraged to overcome any obstacle that might arise. In his free time, Langdon enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife and high school sweetheart, Lauren, and their two Labradoodles Junior and Ernest. Family comes first and business second. Langdon’s business is his greatest passion- something he’s grateful to spend time on daily.

Property Management Summary

Property management is the type of service that must be practiced at scale to be done effectively. Tens of properties can be combined and managed far better than any individual could manage an individual property. Property management is done correctly when this economy of scale is established in a manner that benefits all stakeholders in the equation including the resident. The bottom line doesn’t matter if residents receive poor service addressing their needs and/or poor upkeep of their homes. Residents dealing with such circumstances will seek changes and the entire chain of stakeholders is hurt. The property itself must also be considered a stakeholder. The job of a property manager is to balance the needs of all parties in a transaction will providing a quality home and ultimately ensuring the business success of the client (owner). The resident is not the client. The resident is the stakeholder whose happiness is contingent upon a successful operation.
Housing is one of the most important aspects of a life. Brokering an aspect of life is a sacred practice that should not be taken for granted, and is a power that must be wielded reasonably and fairly according to the letter of the law and high ethical standards.

Commercial Brokerage Summary

Commercial brokerage is the first point of contact in helping investors unlock the full potential of their funds and to tap into some of the best returns possible.
A good commercial broker advises their clients on the biggest potential risks of a deal first and foremost, and secondly advises their client on the action required by the investor to maximize returns.

Some commercial properties are turnkey and can be managed easily and effectively. Some commercial properties require work from ownership to reposition an asset as effectively as possible. Your broker needs to be honest about this difference well before going under contract on the property. It isn’t always as easy as the real estate gurus might lead you to believe.

A great commercial broker will give you a realistic picture of what your investment will look like after it is acquired, and will connect you with the necessary team members to ensure success for the asset long after the transaction has been completed. These team members include bookkeepers, property managers, real estate attorneys, CPAs, and a host of other individuals that are best found through experienced referrals